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Siemens Order Secured for Townsville Upgrade

Close working between Weir Clear Liquid and Weir Services Divisions, went a long way to assisting Weir Clear Liquid secure an Australian order against fierce competition in the aggressive power marketplace.

Weir Services signed a co-operation agreement with Siemens Industrial in May, and Siemens Industrial recently secured the Townsville project as part of the Queensland Government's power upgrade programme.
The upgrade involves the expansion of the existing power station from 160MW to 220MW, conversion from aviation fuel to gas and from peaking-plant operation to base-load operation.

The Townsville plant is located in Eastern Australia at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, some 400 km south of Cairns and 1200 km North of Brisbane.

Weir Clear Liquid Division has secured a € 650k Euro order from Siemens Industrial division, based in Erlangen, Germany, for the supply of two Boiler Feed Pumps and two Main Cooling Water pumps which will be manufactured at the Weir Pumps facility as well as two Condensate Extraction Pumps manufactured by Weir Floway.

Source: Weir Clear Liquid

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