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Commercial and Industrial Boiler Controls Application Guide

McDonnell & Miller has published a new 12-page Commercial and Industrial Boiler Controls Application Guide (MM-837) to assist engineers in the selection of appropriate boiler controls for their specific applications.

Featuring the complete line of commercial/industrial McDonnell & Miller boiler controls, the brochure’s “compare-and-contrast” format facilitates a quick and accurate boiler control selection process.
Both mechanical (float-type) and electronic (conductance probe-type) boiler controls are discussed, along with a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the two in order to help the installer make a more informed decision. The Guide also includes an extensive Boiler Control Model Comparison chart that evaluates low-water cutoff controls and level controls by individual characteristics such as function, water line stability, maximum boiler pressure, electrical ratings, probe style, pressure sensitivity, and more.

Two pages of photos illustrate McDonnell & Miller low-water cutoffs and level controls and their unique characteristics. This leads to a detailed Boiler Control Selection flow chart that identifies system conditions for steam and hot-water boilers and lists the appropriate controls to meet the conditions of the application. McDonnell & Miller’s full line of boiler controls is designed to provide reliable, continuous protection against low-water conditions in boilers, vessels and tanks. Additional pages of the Boiler Controls Application Guide illustrate typical combinations of McDonnell & Miller mechanical and electronic control units and their recommended installation.

Copies of the new guide may be obtained from any McDonnell & Miller authorized representative or it can be viewed and downloaded through the McDonnell & Miller web site,

McDonnell & Miller, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of boiler controls, flow switches and liquid level controls for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


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