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Multi-stage Thermoplastic Close-coupled Vertical Sump Pumps

ETLB pumps (source: ASV Stübbe GmbH & Co. KG, Vlotho)

High pressure with small size, that are the outstanding characteristics of the chemical multi-stage closed coupled vertical sump pumps type ETLB, presented by ASV Stübbe at the ACHEMA 2003.

Hereby also now small immersion pumps can be used, where so far you have to install large aggregates for high pressure.

This will be possible because of construction details, which were realized in multi-stage vertical sump pumps, such as pumps without bearings. The efficiency of the pumps will be increased decisively because of hydrodynamic shaft seals made of PTFE/SiC.

Even for these pumps the construction details of the ASV Stübbe vertical sump pump ETLB without screws were realised. All parts of the pump getting in contact with the fluid were made of strong plastic.

Achema 2003, Frankfurt
Hall 8 / Stand S 17 – S 19

Picture: ETLB pumps (source: ASV Stübbe GmbH & Co. KG, Vlotho)

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