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Pump Monitoring System HANS

Pumps shut down for many reasons. Out of fuel or clogged fuel filters are two of the most typical. But high temperature, low oil pressure, low oil, high hydraulic oil temperature, low hydraulic oil are additional reasons.

Holland Pump has engineered and designed an automated pump monitoring system - HANS - Holland Automatic Notification System, which provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week pump monitoring and will alert you if your pump shuts down, tell you why it shutdown and warn you that fuel is low or filters are getting clogged.

Standard features

  • 24 hours/7 days monitoring
  • Alarms received via your choice of email, digital pager and/or cell phone
  • you manage who receives alerts
  • Actual cause of pump shutdown reported
  • Alert for low fuel and clogged air and fuel filter
  • Low monthly monitoring fee, engine hour reported weekly as standard
  • Automatic low battery shutdown
  • GPS optional

  • Eliminate worry of unknown pump shutdown that spoils your production plans
  • Savings from eliminating a single production shutdown easily pays for unit
  • Efficient maintenance saves you problems and money
  • Cause of shutdown is reported allowing a quick fix
  • Shutdowns avoided by monitoring fuel level, fuel filter and air filter

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