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ISH 2003 Trade Fair Novelties - Part 1: Heating Circulators and Condensate Pumps

The 25th of March the International Trade Fair on Building and Energy technology - ISH Frankfurt - opened its gates. was on the spot and provides the latest information about the most important pump technology novelties. The first of this three-part issue will cover heating circulators and condensate pumps.

Heating circulators and condensate pumps

Biral, by their own account inventor of permanent magnet motors for heating circulators, presented their LXP and HXP series, i.e. heating circulators with higher capacity and permanent magnet motor technology. Their flow and head capacities range up to 50 m/h and 10 m at nominal sizes up to DN 65. These infinitely variable pumps have been improved regarding their control mode and efficiency. Due to their reduced power consumption purchasing will pay off quickly.

According to Grundfos MAGNA heating circulation pumps equipped with a permanent magnet motors save up to 70% of energy compared with conventional non-controlled circulators. The integrated AUTO-mode enables the pump to adapt its duty point automatically to current performance requirements. High-efficiency motors and hydraulically plain surfaces are supposed to improve efficiency, service life and reliability of the revised inline pump series TP/TPE. The pump casing's inner and outer surfaces and the impeller have been treated by electric immersion to create hydraulically smooth, completely coated and resistant surfaces. According to the manufacturer, this technique increased pump efficiency by 1 - 2%.
Jung Pumpen's condensate pump K 1 represents a high-quality and enduring low-noise solution for condensate removal. The Steinhagen-based manufacturer has developed K 1 especially for discharging aggressive condensate accruing in condensing boilers. Acid- and alkali-proof materials enable the pump to handle condensates with pH values of up to 2.7.

KSB introduced their new glandless pump, type Rio-Eco, which can be used for any application in heating, air conditioning or ventilation plants due to its integrated electronic equipment which ensures its continuously variable differential pressure control. According to the producer, the new pump saves up to 80% of energy compared with non-controlled pumps. These energy savings are achieved by advanced motor design, over-night setback, differential pressure control and sound hydraulic efficiency of impeller and volute casing and eddy current free non-metallic cans.

Little Giant, represented by Calpeda Pumpen in the German speaking region, presented their VCMA series capable of discharging safely and fully automated condensate which accumulates in oil-condensing boilers and gas-fired heating plants. A high-efficiency motor with stainless steel shaft, a removable barbed check valve, three drain holes as well as a higher inlet with a slurry trap are some of the unit's benefits. Above that, the manufacturer pledges to deliver a condensate tank made of extremely resistant material and guarantees high-quality workmanship.

Sta-Rite introduced their circulator pump Nocchi SR-3 which operates at three speed stages and features an easy cable installation. The pump is equipped with a special bleed valve which also permits manual unblockings. The pump head is available as a motor-impeller assembly under the name Multihead and permits universal replacement without having to remove the pump casing off the pipe.

High-efficiency and energy-saving pumps take a centre stage in Wilo's new developments. The manufacturer documents in a demonstrative way that the Stratos having won multiple awards prevents eddy-current losses thanks to its carbon can. Consequently, the pump reaches higher efficiency compared with metal-made competitor models.
Wilo's DrainLift Con is a completely pre-assembled and ready-for-use automatic condensate lifting station, which can easily be installed due to its hose connection. As a standard the unit is equipped with an alarm contact and a VDE-certified electrical connection. Its adjustable inlet and outlet connections ensure a wide range of application.
Abiding by its principle "Pumping Perfection and more...", Wilo not only concentrates on introducing a multitude of product novelties but also on customer support and services. The new website featuring Wilo-Select Online, an internet pump selection software, and the spare-parts web shop are only two amongst numerous services Wilo offers to make things easier for their customers.

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