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PCM Pompes launches the Compact Series

Apart from its flexibility, reduced footprint and ease of use, the Compact Series pump from the PCM Moineau range is the ideal solution for the transfer of food and cosmetic products.

Using the original principle of the floating stator, this progressive cavity pump reinforces the existing range for food applications with the H and stainless steel I series.

Reduced footprint, flexibility, easy integration, these are the qualities of the Compact series pump. The following advantages can also be added to the list :
Excellent performance-price ratio
Simple and robust construction
Easy Maintenance
Silent operation

Compact Series, the best in technology due the floating stator principle
Progressive Cavity pumps generally operate with the fixed stator principle, molded in a metallic support. The uniqueness of the Compact Series lies in the use of the floating stator. This particularity offers several advantages. The stator can better support high temperatures and swellings. Dry running can exist. Furthermore, with extremely fast mounting and dismounting times, (3 minutes), reduced maintenance and low Life Cycle Costs are ensured.

In addition, the Compact Series pump is a non-pulsating pump, avoiding the installation of a pulsation absorber system. Finally, the version equipped with a frequency inverter may also be used as a dosing pump.

Dedicated to liquid, viscous, fragile and abrasive products, the Compact series pump represents the ideal solution for the transfer of food, cosmetic and para-pharmaceutical products.

Source: PCM Pompe

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