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PCM Moineau Oilfield expands market share in Asia

PCM Moineau Oilfield continues to expand its market shares on the North Asian market in the People`s Republic of China and strenghten its positions in south and central Asia-Pacific, i.e, in Australia, Indonesia, Thaïland, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brune and Singapore.

Beijing, as the new PCM Moineau Oilfiled operation centre in Asia, will provide efficient and reliable services in marketing, sales, technical support, logistics and customer service for downhole applications as well as for Transfer applications on the Oil & Gas Market.

PCM Moineau Oilfield, Beijing
PCM Asia Pacific
S123, Office Building, Lufthansa Center,
N°50 Liangmaqiao road, Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100016 , P.R. China.
People`s Republic of China

PCM Pompes

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