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No problems with leakage anymore: the Spandau PXA immersion pump

(Coolant pumps, Group PXA. Source: Willy Vogel AG)

With the Spandau PXA immersion pump Willy Vogel AG came to the fair METAV in this year. Whatís special about the PXA is its sealless design.

Where thereís no seal, there canít be any wear. The shaft runs through a gap bush below the reservoir cover. Any fluid escaping through the gap is fed right back into the reservoir.
Long service life and flexible design of the PXA result into low life cycle costs:

  • Thanks to its modular design and the use of standard motors itís possible to configure the pump for the required delivery rate and immersion depth

  • Small amount of space required since itís built into the reservoir

  • Very smooth running. Few vibrations due to separation of the motor and pump shaft

  • Simple, easy startup since the pressure port and venting screw are located above the reservoir cover

  • Easy to service. Easy to change the motor without relieving the hydraulic system - without removal of the pump.

  • Picture: (Coolant pumps, Group PXA. Source: Willy Vogel AG)

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