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High Performance Rotary Vane Pump with Modular Design

Source: Rietschle Thomas<br>Serie G 07

Currently ASF Thomas is introducing the G 045 and G 07N rotary vane pump series. These small and very precise units show high performance characteristics and are well suited for temporary service. One additional highlight: with the modular design both models can be assembled according to the customer’s individual needs.

Due to this building block system a wide performance range can be without necessitating a great deal of expenditure. In addition, reversible models are available. The pressure and vacuum sides are switched by simply reversing the motor polarity –no additional valves are required. Needless to say, the pumps can be operated at different voltages. They can also be controlled continuously via the distribution voltage.

Both pump types are assembled with specially refinished, high-grade precision parts. Thereby, a high relative vacuum of 600 to 700 mbar (G 045) or even 800 mbar (G 07N) can be achieved. The corresponding flow rates are 5 to 6 lpm (G 045) and 25 lpm (G 07N) respectively. Before delivery, each pump is adjusted to its optimum working point and its performance is tested. The pulsation free rotary vane pumps are much smaller than comparable diaphragm pumps and competitively priced.

The G 045 and G 07N series are ideal for applications requiring a high intermittent pump capacity with limited space availability. Examples for applications include pick and place operations, welding, the evacuation of door seals (for instance busses), as well as aspiration (emergency care), peeling/home care, compression therapy, breast pumps, household devices and the food packaging industry.

Picture: Source: Rietschle Thomas
Serie G 07

Rietschle Thomas