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High efficiency pump for cooling and air-conditioning reduces operating costs by up to 80 percent

The new Wilo-Stratos reduces energy costs by up to 80 percent.

With the new high efficiency pump from Wilo-Stratos the Wilo company presents the first wet-running pump with an integral regulator, which is also suitable for use in air-conditioning and cooling systems.

In comparison to the conventional pumps used in cooling technology applications, an energy saving of up to 80 percent is possible with this unique new development. Thanks to the innovative engine technology and the optimised hydraulic system, the Stratos possesses an operating efficiency which is double that of normal wet-running units. This means that they combine extremely high energy efficiency with the advantages of wet-running technology, such as for instance reduced noise and maintenance free operation.

The days are also over in which air-conditioning and cooling systems had to manage without an integral power regulator. Since the motor and the electronic module of the Stratos are not coupled, it is no longer possible for condensation water to develop around the sensitive electronic components. While the majority of pumps in cooling applications run continuously at high power, consuming inordinate amounts of energy, the electronic control device in the Stratos means that the pump automatically and steplessly regulates its power output to the requirements of the system, maintaining its electricity consumption at a low level. The IF module, available as an optional extra, can be fitted at any time to the central automatic system in the building. Previously, the innovative cooling pump was available with an electricity volume range of up to 16m/h. It is suitable for use with pumping media in the temperature range of 10 to +110C. This broad application range makes the new motor principle a key technology within the field of energy-efficient building engineering.

About WILO
Since 1928 Wilo has been developing and manufacturing innovative pumps and pumping systems for technical building services, industry and systems construction. The core product line consists mainly of circulation pumps for HVAC applications, as well as pumps and pumping systems for water supply, rainwater utilization, pressure boosting, and dirt and waste water removal.
Sales and customer service are handled worldwide with great expertise by their own employees. Wilo products can be purchased through local HVAC and plumbing specialists.

The Wilo Group with its 2,772 employees had over 432 mil. EUR in sales in the year 2000, and is among the largest pump manufacturers in the world.

Picture: The new Wilo-Stratos reduces energy costs by up to 80 percent.


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