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Energy saving pump gets recognition at price award

The award of the economy club Rhine-Main and the Wirtschaftswoche was awarded for the 22nd time. It was presented by the Federation`s research minister Edelgard Bulmahn at the Gala night of the German economy in the Alten Oper in Frankfurt on January 19th. The innovation were into the following categories divided: Bio- and genetic engineering, information engineering, energy + traffic, mechanical engineering, medicine, metrology, ambient environment and other. In the division ambient environment the Herborner Pumpenfabrik presented an energy saving pump. As market leaders in the range for swimming pool water circulation pumps, the company is known for innovative pumps technology.

With a water cooled motor the pump of the series UNIBAD makes it possible to save and
reuse 95% of the normally lost energy. Water is escorted from the pump by a special cooling jacket which encloses the motor. The waste heat produced by the motor is caught so up to 95% and supplied this to transporting water in the form of warmth again. This energy recycling principle makes a considerable cost saving, by the use of waste heat to warm up the bath water, possible!
This essential contribution to the consciousness of ambient environment remunerated the jury besides the financial saving witch goes hand in hand with the energy saving pumps.

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