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Compact rotary vane pump with a great performance

Rotary vane pump G 01 K

As the smallest rotary vane pump supplied by ASF Thomas, the G 01 K series (K stands for plastic) exhibits clearly improved performance characteristics in a compact design. With a length of only four centimeters and a total weight of 32 grams, the dry-running pump is ideal for applications requiring a high flow-rate but with limited space. Furthermore, the G 01 K is available at a very competitive price.

Completely new materials are the secret behind the upgraded version. Undoubtedly, these materials are responsible for a more efficient operation while maintaining the same price level. Contingent on the motor, the small, oil-free pump offers a flow rate of up to 2,2 l/min with an intermittent vacuum up to 70 mbar and an intermittent pressure up to 80 mbar. The nearly pulsation- and vibration-free G 01 K is also maintenance-free. Lifetime ranges from 500 to well over 2,000 hours according to the motor.

The rotary vane pump is well suited for conveying air streams subject to a low back pressure. Typical applications include portable gas analysers, medical and analytical instrumentation as well as handling and automation.

Picture: Rotary vane pump G 01 K

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