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McDonnell & Miller Introduces Low Water Cut-off/Pump Controller for Steam Boilers

Series 150E Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controller

Chicago, IL- McDonnell & Miller has introduced the Series 150E Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controller for commercial and industrial hot water and steam boilers. The 150E is a low water cut-off, pump controller and alarm actuator for boilers, tanks and vessels.

Featuring adjustable 60-second burner-off time delays, the 150E cut-off controller provides continuous primary or secondary protection against low water conditions and rapid burner cycling. Because of its field adjustable 3/4” and 1-3/16” pump differentials, the new controller keeps operation and operating switch levels constant throughout the system’s pressure range, and significantly reduces pump cycling. The unit’s 1HP burner and pump relays eliminate the need for electrical starters in many applications.

Available with manual or automatic reset, the Series 150E cut-off/ controller is especially suitable for applications with rapidly shifting water lines, such as vertical tubeless, water tube and small fire tube boilers. The 157E has an integral water column for convenient gauge tapping mounts. All of the new models can directly replace current McDonnell & Miller Series 150 head assemblies, with the addition of two power supply wires.
All Series 150E models are UL listed and Factory Mutual System approved, and operate at a maximum of 150psi (10.5kg/cm2), ambient temperature of 135F (57°C), and operating temperature (at probes) of 366°F (185°C).

McDonnell & Miller, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of boiler controls, flow switches, liquid level controls and steam specialty products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Picture: Series 150E Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controller

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