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Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Drivers Application Guidebook

Drivers Application Guidebook: Electric Motors (Image: The Hydraulic Institute)

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) recently published the Drivers Application Guidebook: Electric Motors, Guidelines for Application, Installation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.

This guidebook provides a comprehensive review of application, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting insights of electric motors. Additionally, this document imparts guidance and understanding on the selection, specification, and operation of electric motors including considerations when installing into a pumping system.

As a guide for the pump industry, this guidebook:

  • Describes application considerations including: sizing and selection for load types, electrical requirements, service factor and temperature rise, acceleration requirements, starting requirements for motors and pumps, motor basics for variable speed operation, frames, mounting, and motor enclosures.
  • Contains installation considerations such as electrical, protective devices, installation with VFD, mechanical and lifting considerations, startup and commissioning.
  • Provides an overview of maintenance and troubleshooting considerations that are important to safe and proper operation such as lubrication, motor alignment, enclosures, electrical maintenance, storage, bearings, vibration, temperature, airflow and filters.
  • Provides illustrations and descriptions of different bearing and winding failures, including their possible causes and countermeasures.

After reading the Drivers Application Guidebook, Thomas Angle Dipl. Ing. Chief Engineer at Swiss Flow Solutions GmbH stated “I have to say that this guideline is simply outstanding. For the first time it brings together in one place information on motor design, application, starting requirements, installation, and maintenance. In the past one had to look through multiple documents to find this information. It is also organized and written in such a way that it can be used both to train people new to the industry as well as serve as a reference guide for more experienced individuals.”

Picture: Drivers Application Guidebook: Electric Motors (Image: The Hydraulic Institute)

Source: Hydraulic Institute


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