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Seepex Announces Sanitary Progressive Cavity Pump with Flexible Rod Drive Train Design

The new BCF range sanitary progressive cavity pump incorporates a flexible rod drive train design for simpler maintenance and CIP/COP processes as well as increased safety. COP is simplified with easier disassembly of rotating parts and without disassembly of the flexible rod. Existing BCS pumps can be upgraded by simply changing the wetted rotating parts.

Further benefits of the BCF range include:
Increased safety - eliminates the possibility of metal contaminating food products
Durable - more corrosion resistant than 300 series stainless steel
Easier to service - fewer parts than in other designs
Less wear - no rubbing components eliminates the need to replace coupling rods

Seepex will be presenting their new 3-A Sanitary Standards certified BCF range progressive cavity pump, with flexible rod drive train design, at PackExpo 2019 along with their Vertical Cone Hopper and Intelligent Metering Pump (IMP).

Source: Seepex

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