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Ebara hosted IUVSTA-Ebara Award Ceremony

At the ceremony. (Image: Ebara)

Ebara Corporation held a ceremony for the IUVSTA-Ebara Award winner at the 21st International Vacuum Conference (IVC-21), which took place in the Swedish city of Malmö on July 1-5.

Ebara sponsors the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technology and Applications (IUVSTA), an international body to advance the development of vacuum-related science and technology.

1. Background
The award is for researchers and engineers, who conduct research and technological development in the vacuum sector that supports the environment and reduces the harmful effects on it. EBARA continuously collaborates with those people in the form of the IUVSTA-EBARA Award.

2. Outline of the Award
Dr. Waqas Hassan Tanveer
Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering (IMPEE),
Heriot-Watt University, UK

Reasons for Award: Dr. Hassan Tanveer has extensive experience in a many areas, including vacuum technologies, thin film and nanomaterials. His research deserves the award, because it makes a significant contribution to renewable energies and environmental issues, which coincide with the objective of the award program.

3. Future Developments
For more than 100 years since its foundation Ebara is engaged in business that contributes to the areas of water, air, and the environment. Technologies to improve and reduce impact for the environment are in accordance with the Ebara’s ethics. It is not only by providing pumps and other products and services. Ebara also continues its contribution to the development of engineers who will play central roles in the next generation. The next IUVSTA event is scheduled to take place in Sapporo in 2022.

Picture: At the ceremony. (Image: Ebara)

Source: Ebara

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