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Aussie Pumps to Protect Parks

Australian Pumps specialise on engine drive pumps for fire fighting, water transfer and trash handling. (Image: Aussie Pumps)

Australian Pump Industries has announced their success with a contract to supply 280 diesel drive Aussie Fire Chief pumps for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), mobile firefighting unit. The prestigious contract for the building of replacement vehicles was won by Blayney based ICR Engineering. It is a multi-million-dollar contract that will do wonders for the rural community and create new jobs in the area.

Australian Pump has worked closely with National Parks over the last 25 years in supplying a specially configured version of their Aussie Fire Chief high pressure pump. The Fire Chief is arguably the world’s finest lightweight portable firefighting pump. It is claimed to deliver more water at pressure than competitors.

“To drive the pump, we use a Yanmar 4.8 hp Model L48 single cylinder diesel engine and close couple the pumps. This makes it a very compact unit, important as space is at a premium on the back of the Land Cruiser ute” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales.

New South Wales State Government MP Paul Toole announced the award to ICR for the complete state-of-the-art equipment. The new Category 9 firefighting units represent a high-tech approach to providing NSW National Parks with the best equipment available.

“National Parks would not compromise on the pump. They know using the Aussie Fire Chief over the years has given great results” he said.

The Category 9 firefighters are compact 4 wheel drive vehicles. They are an essential tool for fire crews to enable them to access fires in some of the most rugged and remote areas of New South Wales.

ICR’s Engineering Director, Ian Reeks said “One of our advantages is that we are located in the central location of New South Wales making it more convenient for delivering the finished products to all areas of the State. ICR has geared up for the contract by the acquisition of high-tech routing equipment that will enable them to produce a world class firefighting unit”.

“The Aussie Fire Chief with Yanmar diesel is the heart of the system. We have used a high-tech approach to the design and configuration but, it is the pump that will have to do the work when the chips are down” he said.

One of the things we liked about the Australian Pump Fire Chief is the way the company warrants the pump end for 5 years” said Reeks. “That shows real confidence in the quality of the product. No wonder National Parks had such a good run out of that equipment” he said.

Australian Pump operates from a 2.1/2 acre factory complex in Sydney’s boutique Norwest business district. The company’s firefighting equipment is sold all over the world and played a prominent part in last summer’s major fires in both North America and Europe. Their firefighting pumps also play a major role in Sumatra’s annual forest burns.

Picture: Australian Pumps specialise on engine drive pumps for fire fighting, water transfer and trash handling. (Image: Aussie Pumps)

Source: Aussie Pumps


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