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New Peristaltic Metering Pump Dulco flex Control from ProMinent

Peristaltic metering pump Dulco flex Control. (Image: ProMinent)

The new Dulcoflex Control extends the ProMinent portfolio with a new intelligent peristaltic metering pump. The new pump meters reliably 10 ml/h up to 30 l/h at up to 7 bar. A brushless three-phase motor forms the heart of the Dulcoflex Control.

Its ingenious control provides for precise metering and reduced pump capacity with continuous metering up to 10 ml/h. Linear and reproducible metering is guaranteed with this peristaltic pump under all process conditions.

The new peristaltic pump is also IoT enabled, meaning that it is fully connectible and can be connected to ProMinentís in-house developed DulconneX platform, which enables it to work even smarter.

Straightforward replacement of the tube
The unique changing technique developed by ProMinent enables the quick and straightforward replacement of the tube totally without the need for a tool.

The display provides the fitter with precise instructions about the steps to be completed when replacing the hose. The thermoplastic elastomer high-performance hose used guarantees exceptional chemical resistance and a long service life. The order information required for replacement of the hose can be found on the pumpís operating menu. The intuitive user interface with clickwheel ensures the simple operation of the peristaltic pump.

Picture: Peristaltic metering pump Dulco flex Control. (Image: ProMinent)

Source: ProMinent

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