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Wilo Presents a New Generation of Circulators

Wilo presents new circulator Wilo-Para (Image: Wilo)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions are custom-made products that are able to respond to the very specific requirements and needs of the target market. With the launch of its new circulator Wilo-Para, the German-based manufacturer offers OEM customers a new generation of pumps from the proven Wilo-Yonos Para product family.

Thanks to its optimised and compact design and the direct access to the signal connector, the installation and commissioning of this circulator is simple and convenient – it is also fully ‘downward compatible’ with the existing Yonos-PARA range, which makes the replacement of a pump a very straight forward job. The option to adjust pre-configured settings later down the track, offers OEM customers a maximum degree of flexibility. Intelligent functions such as maximum venting ensure the pump’s reliable operation. The manual reboot function allows resetting the pump to factory settings and subsequent re-configuration at any time. When it comes to the individual requirements of OEM customers, Wilo OEM Solutions offers a comprehensive range of automatically controlled pumps (Dp-v, Dp-c, n-constant) as well as externally controlled pumps via IPWM or LIN-bus interfaces for easy integration into building automation systems.

The Wilo-Para now also features the LIN-bus communication protocol, the new standard for externally controlled OEM pumps. By offering this advanced, robust and well-established communication bus on its Para range, Wilo goes one-step ahead in the smart and digital connected future. “Our DNA is to support our OEM customers in their developments, so we offer them to supply a LIN evaluation kit to support first step of our customer s development. All in the same space envelope in order to ensure the backwards compatibility”, Wilo OEM Product Manager Lucile Grousseau explains.

The green-button is the successor to the renowned red button and offers new and optimised functions, creating a whole new level of user-friendliness. The unique LED interface displays the current operating status and pro-actively supports operations. “The Wilo-Para is further proof of Wilo’s leadership in innovation and highlights the company’s vision to make life easier and to make the business operations of its customers sustainable”, Grousseau explains.

Picture: Wilo presents new circulator Wilo-Para (Image: Wilo)

Source: Wilo

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