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EurEau Supports Council Compromise on Drinking Water

EurEau supports the General Approach on the Drinking Water Directive, as adopted by the Environment Council on 5 March 2019. The negotiations led by the Romanian Presidency assure the human right to water through safeguarding public health and the affordability of water services. The resultant Council position improves the Commission’s proposal concerning the provisions on the risk-based approach, on the quality parameters and on information to consumers.

EurEau Vice President, Claudia Castell-Exner comments: “The current directive provides a strong framework for protecting human health, which is paramount to us. With today’s agreement on the future framing of the Drinking Water Directive, people can rest assured that when they open their tap for a glass of water for them or their family, the water they consume is safe, clean and wholesome. This Council compromise builds on the original directive to guarantee consumer protection for years to come.”

EurEau praises the Council position on materials and products in contact with drinking water and we expect that the final text will maintain this level of ambition. The European water sector – together with water producers - have called for hygienic requirements for materials under this directive since the Commission announced the recast.

We commend the Romanian Presidency leadership on this file and the good progress achieved so far in the Council negotiations, leading to a balanced compromise text. This preliminary Council position will be the basis for the trialogue negotiations with the European Parliament under the next legislature 2019-2024.

Source: EurEau

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