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Armstrong Unveils New Controller for Multi-pump Installations with Variable Load Demands

New IPS 4000 (Image: Armstrong Fluid Technology)

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the release of its new Integrated Pumping System (IPS 4000), an automation solution for commercial HVAC pumping stations of up to 8 pumps and 16 zones.

The new IPS 4000 automates and optimizes multi-pump installations in a range of different plant configurations. Moreover, it provides sequences for variable-primary, secondary or tertiary pumping system applications and it delivers leading energy savings, with patented Parallel Sensorless pump staging technology.

Pre-configured to leverage the capabilities of Design Envelope, the technology embedded in Armstrong pumps, the new IPS 4000 offers fast and simple setup for the most cost-effective and efficient pump control results. The IPS 4000 is compatible with existing building automation systems and ships pre-programmed for easy installation and set-up.

Commenting on the value provided by the new IPS 4000, Peter Thomsen, Director, Building Systems Solutions, stated, “The new IPS 4000 is a great control and automation solution. In particular, it will add value in any building that has short peak loads or that needs a hybrid solution to provide both Sensorless staging and critical zone sensors.”

Picture: New IPS 4000 (Image: Armstrong Fluid Technology)

Source: Armstrong Fluid Technology


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