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Seepex Provides Pump Technology for Clean Drinking Water

On a global scale, 884 million people have inadequate access to clean drinking water. Seepex has joined the fight against these shortages by supplying reliable pump technology for clean drinking water.

In partnership with Design Outreach, Seepex is facilitating access to safe, clear drinking water and helping to satisfy one of the most fundamental needs of each and every human.

Design Outreach focuses on innovative products that improve the living conditions of poor populations in terms of health, education and employment opportunities. The lighthouse project of Design Outreach is known as LifePump, which is helping solve the global water crisis by giving people in Haiti and Africa access to clean, clear water.

JUST ADD WATER tells the story of the development, distribution and installation of LifePumps – highly reliable, hand-operated deep well pumps. It is a story of transformation, which visualizes the power of human innovation and simultaneously shows how partnerships between people and institutions can create lasting, positive change.

How is Seepex helping?
In 2015, a hole was drilled almost 300 feet into the ground and a LifePump installed for the local community and residents of Vinyanda Chirwa, Malawi. Seepex supplied the rotor and stator for the pump, which in turn pumps clean drinking water for 121 people, thus drastically improving their quality of life.

Seepex is proud to have supplied progressive cavity pump technology for this project.

Source: Seepex

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