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Rising Power Prices and Diminishing Fuel Supplies Spur Interest in Compressor and Vacuum Pump Markets

SAN ANTONIO - November 27, 2001 - With rising concern over skyrocketing energy prices and diminishing fuel supplies, multinational agencies are turning to natural gas extraction. As a result, sales of vacuum pumps and compressors will experience a substantial increase.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, World Compressor and Vacuum Pumps Markets, reveals that this industry generated $5.66 billion in 2000 and projects revenues to increase steadily to $8.18 billion by 2007.

"The most important opportunities for compressor manufacturers may be in the natural gas extraction and transportation applications," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Pierre Marchebout-Urrea. "Even before the power generation crisis in the United States began, the most important projections showed a constant increase in the demand for this important combustible."

The majority of new power plants built in the last decade are powered by natural gas. Many North American and Asian nations are keenly aware of the increases in gas prices and the long-term demand for this vital energy commodity.

"The first decade of 2000 could see large increases in the infrastructure for extraction, processing, and transportation of natural gas worldwide," says Marchebout-Urrea.

The energy required to pump fuels through pipelines is generated with gas compressors. Additionally, the equipment necessary to transport and process gas also requires the energy generated by compressors. The increase of compressor utilization by all the processes involved in generating electricity are likely to substantially boost demand within this sector.

"The most important end users of compressors and vacuum pumps are prone to cyclical swings and to some degree this trend is replicated in the compressors markets," says Marchebout-Urrea. "However, the economic deceleration combined with rising energy prices could be a supporting factor for major technological enhancements that focus on the development of energy efficient compressors and vacuum pumps.

"It could also be an important market stimulator for replacement of inefficient units and systems," adds Marchebout-Urrea.

Frost & Sullivan presents the 2001 Marketing Engineering Awards to companies that have worked diligently to make a positive contribution to the compressors and vacuum pumps industry. These market specific awards are presented to: Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver, GE-Nuovo Pignone, Kaeser Compressors, and Sterling Fluid Systems.

The following is a list of key industry participants: Abel Pumps; A-C Compressor Corp; Air Dimensions (ADI); Alcatel; All-Flo Pump; Atlantic Fluidics; Atlas Copco; Bambi Air compressors; Barber-Nichols Inc.; Barnant Company; Bauer Compressors; Becker; Bigiesse(BGS); BOC Edwards; Busch; Cooper Turbocompressors; Danielson Vacuum Products; Dresser-Rand Company; Dresser-roots; Eagle Pump & Compressor; Edson Pumps; Elliot Turbomachines; Equirepsa; Flojet; Fluoro; Galileo Vacuum; Gardner Denver; Gast Manufacturing; GE-Nuovo Pignone; GE-Thermodyn; Graham Precision Pumps; GrimmerSchmidt; Hibon; Hick Hargreaves & Co.; HiVac Corporation; Howden Compressors; Ilmvac; Ingersoll Rand; Ingersoll Rand; Kinney; Kratos; Labconco; Leybold; Man-Turbo; Masport; Mattei Compressors, Inc.; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Nash Engineering; Nobil Group; Osmonics; Peter Brotherhood Ltd.; Pfeiffer Vacuum; Pneumofore; Quincy compressors; Rietschle Inc.; Robuschi; Rolls Royce; Samson Pumps; Saylor-Beall; ServoS; Siemens; Solar Turbines; Somarakis; Sperre; Squire-Cogswell; Sterling Fluid Systems; Stokes Vacuum; Sullair Corp.; Sulzer; Thomas Industries Inc.; Thomassen Compression Systems; Travaini; Ulvac; Utile; Vacuubrand; Varian; Vooner VaneGard; Welch Vacuum; Worthington Compressor.

Frost & Sullivan is a global leader in strategic market consulting and training This ongoing research also includes market analyses on U.S. Positive Displacement Pump Markets: Process Industries and European Process Gas Compressors Markets. Frost & Sullivan also offers custom consulting to a variety of national and international companies. Executive summaries and interviews are available to the press.
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