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Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Two-stage Rotary Vane Pump

New two-stage rotary vane pump Pascal 2021 HW

With the new Pascal 2021 HW, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents the two-stage rotary vane pump with the highest vapor capacity in its class. It is optimally suited for all applications where water vapor is expected, such as low temperature sterilization and drying.

An optimized design and gas ballast system allows to pump large volumes of vapor without condensation inside the pump. This prevents accumulation of fluid that would adversely affect the service life of the pump and the oil.

Thanks to the materials used, the Pascal 2021 HW also resists aggressive chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. The pump is ready to deliver vapor in just a few minutes due to a customized temperature management. It has a safety device that impedes the ingress of water into functional sections if the steam capacity is inadvertently exceeded.

With accessories such as oil mist filter and inlet traps, the pump can be ideally adapted to most processes. Thanks to its compactness, the Pascal 2021 HW is also ideal for installation into equipment. An oil drain valve simplifies the maintenance in confined spaces. The single-phase universal motor allows for operation almost everywhere in the world.

The proven service concept of the Pascal series makes maintenance predictable and ensures a constantly high availability. The maintenance intervals can be extended by using different operating fluids.

Picture: New two-stage rotary vane pump Pascal 2021 HW

Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum


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