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1st International Congress on Ionic Liquids

The first international Congress on Ionic Liquids will take place from June 19 – 22, 2005 in Salzburg, Austria. The topics of the congress will be interesting to academia and industry and range from applied to theoretical, from synthetic to analytical aspects, ...

...from biotechnology to electrochemistry, from process engineering to nanotechnology.

Ionic liquids show highly interesting properties for chemical and biochemical processes. Their unique solubility properties enables new methodologies in chemical engineering. International scientists will present novel ionic liquids, their structure, thermodynamics, electrochemical and physical data, separation, syntheses and catalysis techniques as well as industrial applications.

Scientists from all over the world with interest in ionic liquids are invited to become involved in the premier showcase for forefront research.

The 1st International Congress on Ionic Liquids will be organised by DECHEMA e.V Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Frankfurt am Main.

For further information please contact: Dr. Leo Nick
Phone: 0049 69 75 64 149


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