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Ebara Announces the Merger of 2 Brazilian Subsidiaries

Ebara Corporation (Ebara) is delighted to announce the merge-absorption of its wholly-owned Brazilian subsidiary Thebe Bombas Hidráulicas Ltda. (THEBE) by Ebara Indústrias Mecânicas e Comércio Ltda. (EIMCO), another wholly-owned subsidiary in Brazil. The surviving entity has the new name as Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (Ebara Pumps South America - EBAS).

The restructuring integrates management and business of the 2 companies, EIMCO submersed
pump business and THEBE surface pumps business, to enhance optimization of our production and sale system.

Ebara expect the integration of THEBE brand, well consolidated in Brazilian market, to EIMCO, a company with over 40 years history in Brazil market, will strengthen Ebara’s presence in South America.

Source: Ebara

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