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VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE - Software and Internet Solutions for the Pump Industry

VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE specializes in software and Internet solutions for the fluid handling industry and develops applications for sizing, selecting, configuring and selling engineered systems and components like pumps, valves and pipes.

Pump Configuration Software Spaix

The software provides solutions for pump manufacturers and pump users to automate business processes by combining superior technical calculations with commercial aspects like marketing, sales and service. The software helps users with the selection of the best pump, the configuration of components, accessory selection as well as price calculation and enables an efficient quote management.

Main product of the business unit is the pump selection system Spaix whose functionality can be individually extended due to a variety of additional modules. The core product is available for the platforms Microsoft Windows, Web and Mobile (iOS and Android).
Due to the multi-platform design of Spaix 5 users get the possibility to access a unique database via different devices corresponding to a certain situation and infrastructure. Thus, the desktop application is the perfect solution if no reliable Internet connection is available. A crucial advantage of the web version is the use in Internet browsers without the need of a program installation. Spaix Mobile assembles another piece to the puzzle which is - in its entirety - unique on the market.

Image: All information at a glance: After selecting the pump, the configuration is made in the same window. (Image: VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH)


Besides the software itself the company offers a wide range of services, e.g. trainings + workshops, data input, interface programming, individual customizations, technical support as well as web services.

Online Pump Magazin

In addition to its core businesses VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is operating the Internet platform which provides the latest news from the world of pumps as well as several services. For instance, the Global PumpSelector enables users to select the appropriate pump from a pool of manufacturers.

The Company

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE was founded in Dresden, Germany in 1993. The initial idea was innovative and simple at the same time: The development of a computer program for the hydraulic selection and calculation of pump systems that stops the inconvenient search in catalogues for a quote generation. Today VSX is world market leader in the field of pump selection software and has also extended its product range and efforts to other markets.

Well established in the world market today the company maintains business relations to more than 40 countries worldwide. Among its customers – mainly in the pump and chemical industry – are the largest manufacturers in the world. But also small and medium-sized companies benefit from the innovative software solutions made by VSX.

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