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Pump Selection

Centrifugal pumps should be selected such that the specified System Duty Point is located on or as near as possible to the point of maximum efficiency (Pump Duty Point) of the max. speed H/Q-curve.

It is highly recommended to always select the smaller pump if the specified system duty point is between two possible pump curves. The resulting capacity reduction has, in heating systems, no appreciable effect on the effective heating performance. The positive effects are lower noise levels, lower investment costs and improved economy. For heating installations it is customary to undersize pump capacities up to 10% below the specified duty.

To avoid Cavitation (vapour formation within the pump) it is necessary to maintain at the pump suction port an adequately high positive pressure (static head) in relation to the vapour pressure of the fluid being handled.

The minimum required inlet heads for Glandless Pumps are generally listed in pressure charts.

Glanded pumps require calculations in accordance with the NPSH information.

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