The New Spaix 6 Promotes the Sustainable Selection of Pump Systems

The New Spaix 6 Promotes the Sustainable Selection of Pump Systems

Customers of the Spaix pump selection software have something to look forward to: the latest version will be launched at the end of October. In addition to many new functions, the program’s performance has been further improved. Moreover, the manufacturer VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE has paid special attention to the topic of sustainability in Spaix 6.

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LATEST NEWS - Miscellaneous

ITT Flygt won its fourth international award yesterday for the N-pump, at Aquatech Amsterdam 2000.

29.09.2000 -

Aquatech Amsterdam 2000, with over 740 companies exhibiting, is Europe’s largest environmental trade fair. Held in the picturesque Dutch capitol, this year the focus was on integrated water management, and the way in which the borders between management of drinking water, wastewater and industrial water are fading, resulting in companies and organisations looking for total solutions that cross these sectors.

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  • ABS Partners – new customer magazine from ABS

    15.09.2000 -

    ABS has launched the first issue of its new international magazine ABS


    The magazine presents cost-effective solutions from all over the world for water and wastewater treatment, within the building and construction area and for process industry applications. ABS Partners can be downloaded from the ABS web site

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    Ten years of water

    13.09.2000 -

    ITT Flygt, one of the founders of the Stockholm Water Prize, and sponsors of the Swedish Junior Water Prize, once again took part in the Stockholm Water Week. This year marked the tenth anniversary of the event, and the theme for the Stockholm Water Symposium was “Water Security for the 21st Century – Innovative Approaches”

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    GEA Jet Pumps: Another large-scale order in the field of sea water desalination

    12.09.2000 -

    The constantly increasing demand for drinking water creates considerable investments in the field of sea water desalination plants. The company GEA Jet Pumps of Ettlingen, one of the market leaders in the field of jet pump technology, benefits from this development. The company has received another large-scale order for five multiple-stage steam jet vacuum pumps with precondensers for a sea water desalination plant in Abu Dhabi.

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    ABS is protecting the Baltic Sea with the largest submersible pumps ever built

    15.03.2000 -

    Water treatment is a vital process to protect the environment, and the waste water treatment plant in Tallinn, Estonia, has a key role in the environmental protection of the Baltic Sea. ABS delivered pumps, mixers and agitators for the refurbishment of the plant in 1998. A further shipment has just been made with a follow-up order for the main pumping station, including two of the largest submersible pumps ever built.

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