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  • Flood Control Project

    09.03.2001 -

    Construction is advancing ahead final of schedule on the final elements of a $40-million flood control project along the Mississippi River to protect historic Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Designed to protect the town from an urban design flood, which exceeds a 500-year flood, the project has involved construction of 3-1 /2 miles of levee; two railroad closure structures; a 260,000-gpm combination pump station and gravity drain structure; a 500-acre ponding area; a wetlands mitigation area; and related improvements.

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    Water for the Dome

    07.03.2001 -

    The Millennium Dome, the world’s biggest dome, was built in Greenwich, London, for the start of the new millennium. With its simple structure and plenty of interactive, electronic, and entertaining facilities, it has become world famous as a symbol of the future.

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