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New Brochure for HVAC Market

19.03.2003 -

ITT Industries Fluid Handling Division has published an informative new brochure that provides an overview of their full line of products and services. The new brochure highlights offerings from all four Fluid Handling units: Bell & Gossett, Domestic Pump, McDonnell & Miller, and Hoffman Specialty.

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  • Flowserve Pump Division Publishes Chemical Processing Brochure

    19.02.2003 -

    The Flowserve Pump Division has published a new full-color 20-page Chemical Processing brochure. The literature notes that Flowserve’s comprehensive line of pumps fully meet the liquid movement needs of the chemical processing industry for traditional synthesis and catalysis and for developing techniques, such as bioprocessing, cryogenic processing and new reactor and separation technologies.

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    ANSI/HI Pump Standards, 2002 Release on CD-ROM

    10.10.2002 -

    The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has just released a new CD-ROM of its latest pump industry standards, ANSI/HI Pump Standards, 2002 Release. Two new standards have been added: the American National Standards for Submersible Pump Tests (ANSI/HI 11.6-2001) and the American National Standards for Allowable Nozzle Loads on Centrifugal and Vertical Pumps (ANSI/HI 9.6.2-2001).

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