Xylem Launches High-Efficiency UV Disinfection System for the Aquaculture Industry

Xylem has introduced its Wedeco Acton PE ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. This new line of Wedeco UV systems is specifically tailored for use in saltwater and other harsh water conditions.
Xylem Launches High-Efficiency UV Disinfection System for the Aquaculture Industry

Wedeco Acton PE ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. (Image source: Xylem Inc.)

The Wedeco Acton PE UV system can be designed for disinfection rates of over 99.99 percent and its construction is optimized for challenging water conditions. It helps customers increase productivity while reducing energy consumption and maintenance.
The Acton PE system’s high-quality, non-corroding polyethylene HDPE (PE 100) design is optimal for aquaculture farms, aquaria, zoos, saltwater thermal pools, well boats and similar saltwater environments. Using high-power Wedeco EcoRay UV lamps (600 W/lamp), the system maintains ideal hygienic conditions for water intake, outflow and recirculation in aquaculture, preventing growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. This ensures biosecurity and delivers higher productivity and better quality fish. The Wedeco EcoRay lamp technology also offers significant energy savings thanks to its proportionally high UV intensity in both dimmed and full-power mode, and its ability to monitor real time conditions, continuously adapting output to actual demand.

Peer Krueger, global UV product manager for Xylem’s Wedeco brand, commented; “Xylem has provided water treatment solutions to the aquaculture industry for decades, so we have a thorough understanding of its challenges. Rising demand for seafood has led to rapid growth and with that growth comes an increased need to control bacteria and biosecurity risk. With its combination of robust design, durable material and efficient lamp technology, our new Wedeco Acton PE system offers world-class reliability and cost-efficiency.”

The system is easy to operate and monitor and can be integrated in a facility’s overall control system. Maintenance is kept to a minimum thanks to the product’s durable design and the EcoRay lamp technology, which allows for fewer lamps than traditional technologies and comes with a guarantee of 14,000 operating hours per lamp.

The Wedeco Acton PE system was first presented to the global market at the Aqua Nor exhibition in Norway.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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