Xylem Introduces Pumping Systems for Mining Industries


With its participation in the International Mining Exhibition 2014 held in Kolkata, India, Xylem Inc. introduced new pumping systems that reinforce its focus on the global rental business for its premium products being used for the Indian mining sector.

IME 2014 is a leading institutionalised biennial international event designed especially for the miners, planners and policy makers to discuss the various issues affecting the Mining, Minerals, Metals and Machinery industries of the Asian region in particular, and also in the rest of the world.

Xylem offers a full service rentals program with a complete line of submersible pumps, engine-driven suction pumps, generators, piping and complementary accessories for long or short-term rental in various countries. Xylem is the only worldwide company to offer complete turn-key water handling solutions, expertise and products in India today. Each rental fleet is organised so that it aligns with and addresses specific services a local customer requires. Xylem’s goal is to offer flexible dewatering rental services and to respond to customers’ needs as rapidly as possible.

As part of the exhibition, Xylem India displayed various state of the art products like Godwin and Flygt, which are specially developed and designed to support and add value to India’s mining operations. Xylem India’s broad range of Godwin pumps ensures the best possible pump to treat dirty water, sludge and anything in between. These pumps have an automated self-priming, discharge head capabilities to 193 m with a single-stage open impeller and a close coupled pump end.

Xylem also produces a range of analysis equipment, pumps and mixers for the mining and mineral processing industries — designed for the most severe applications with a wide range of corrosion- and abrasion-resistant offerings.

The Flygt BIBO 2000 Series Dewatering Pumps are perfect for large mining projects in the iron ore, gold, coal and mineral mines.

Mr. H. Bala, Managing Director, Xylem India stated, “We are happy to be a part of the International Mining Exhibition and provide support for our mining industry clients. Our specially designed products showcase our extensive expertise and advanced wastewater technology solutions. The concept of high-end rental mining equipment is new to India but we would like to be the first to offer this service to our partners. With our success in the field of equipment rental in other countries, we are sure that the concept will be well accepted in India as well, as it supports the mining industry and provides an edge with our innovative value proposition.”

Source: Xylem Inc.

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