Xylem Announces a Full Commitment to Final Tier 4 (FT4) Beginning with the Godwin S Series


First in series, Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump offers new levels of control, efficiency and environmental protection for the toughest dewatering jobs.

The Godwin S Series – the smart solution for water – offers unmatched control and peace of mind anytime, anywhere. With advanced levels of monitoring and control, efficiency, reliability and sustainability, the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump is the first in the new Godwin S Series. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Quenington, UK since 1865, Xylem’s Godwin brand set the standard nearly five decades ago with the invention of Dri-Prime technology. Today, it does so again with the Godwin S Series.

Mike Ramos, Director of Engineering, Xylem Dewatering said, “We listened very closely to our customers and examined usage data from hundreds of field tests to re-imagine, re-design and re-engineer our legendary Godwin Dri-Prime pump. The result marks a new era in dewatering and we are incredibly excited to bring this smart solution to the market. The new Godwin NC150S, the first in our new Godwin ‘Smart’ series, gives our customers new levels of control and remote flexibility. An efficient and sustainable dewatering option, the NC150S is capable of tackling the most challenging modern wastewater dewatering jobs.”

The NC150S features Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST), the first-in-industry telemetry and wireless technology that provides smart remote monitoring and control of the pump from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Cellular and satellite connectivity and GPS, enables the tracking, monitoring and control of the pump in real-time, wherever it is located.

Kevin Snow, Godwin Global Product Manager, said, “The Godwin NC150S, along with all diesel pumps in the Godwin S series, can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. Imagine the value of not having to send someone to the construction site or lift station in the middle of the night, or over the weekend, to see if the pump is running properly, or to check if fuel levels are okay.”

The new Godwin series features Xylem’s unique Flygt N-Technology, which has been proven as an unmatched, non-clog impeller over the past 20 years in more than 300,000 locations globally. With its self-cleaning reliability and sustained hydraulic efficiency, the patented technology ensures pump operation during peak performance, even in the most challenging wastewater applications.

Smart design and manufacturing practices mean that all of the diesel engines and electric motors available on Godwin S Series Dri-Prime pumps deliver more uptime, with product reliability increased on average by 20 percent. The NC150S also features longer maintenance service intervals and reduced service time, by 40 percent on average. For example, there is no need to separate the pump from the engine for compressor belt service, making it a simple 30 minute task. A new cartridge-type, mechanical seal reduces installation and set-up time. An optimally-placed sight glass makes it easy to tell when oil needs replacing and a 25 percent increase in pump shaft diameter enables longer pump life.

“We’ve learned through thousands of hours of hands-on application experience and testing how to simplify maintenance requirements while ensuring even longer service intervals, building on Godwin’s renowned reliability,” said Snow.

David Flinton, Senior Vice President & President, Xylem Dewatering said, “Starting with the Godwin S Series, Xylem declares its commitment to offer on its products more environmentally sustainable, Final Tier 4 (FT4) engines that provide a significant reduction in emissions. With over three years servicing FT4 engines, we have the greatest industry experience with this new technology and can help customers through their required transition to FT4. The NC150S meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4 requirements with emissions reduced by 90 percent and fuel consumption by 10 percent on average. It is a best-in-class, smart dewatering pump that makes easy work of stringy, modern wastewater, and has built-in intelligence to optimize performance and maximize uptime. Its unrivalled efficiency and reliability means that customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that whatever water challenge comes their way, this smart pump solution is equipped to handle it, and at a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.”

Source: Xylem Inc.

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