WorldWater Corp. CEO Sees Urgent Need for Reliable Clean Water And Electrical Power Sources in Developing Nations Around the World


Tells NYSSA Conference WorldWater Meeting Challenges With Low-Cost Solar Systems

PENNINGTON, N.J., June 12 /PRNewswire/ --

WORLDWATER CORP. (OTC Bulletin Board: WWAT) Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer Quentin T. Kelly told The New York Society of Security Analysts 5th

Annual Alternative Energy Conference on Monday that "More than one billion

people in the developing world have no ready access to safe water and the need

for reliable sources has become so urgent that governments may rise and fall

based on solutions to the problem."

He added that the United Nations estimates that $8 billion is spent

annually by governments and international agencies to provide safe drinking

water in developing countries and that $100 billion will be required over the

next five years.

"Sources for clean water are at a premium, particularly in the poorer

nations which do not have the financial resources and technical means to

generate new supplies," Mr. Kelly said. "Growing populations, famine and

drought are exacerbating the problem in many of these countries, leading to

instability and political unrest."

Mr. Kelly noted that WorldWater Corp. is meeting this challenge as a

full-service water management and solar engineering company specializing in

solar pumps and solar electrical systems that provide clean water and

electricity to users in developing countries around the world. "We have

low-cost solar pumps operating in 17 countries around the globe," Mr. Kelly

said. "They are a viable solution to providing clean water and electrical

power to countries plagued by a lack of financial resources to meet the needs

of their people."

Mr. Kelly discussed how WorldWater Corp. meets these challenges.

"WorldWater's low-cost, low-maintenance solar pumps can deliver more than

2000 gallons per minute from rivers for irrigation or drinking water from a

depth down to 1,000 feet, four times the operating capability of competing

systems and deliver 5 to 260 gallons per minute for household, village, or

livestock drinking water," Mr. Kelly said. "Our community and residential

solar power systems are simple, clean, and reliable, providing cost-effective

electricity systems that include pre-wired control panels, solar batteries,

fluorescent lights and DC (direct current) outlet and plug for appliances."

Mr. Kelly said that WorldWater Corp. currently has solar pumping and solar

electrical systems operating in many countries, including the Philippines, Sri

Lanka, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ecuador and is

negotiating projects in other developing nations. The Company most recently

was named by the government of Somalia to be the East African country's master

consultant and contractor for all water and energy programs.

Mr. Kelly also noted that in addition to providing critical services to

sustain life, solar water and electrical systems help to create economic and

political stability in many beleaguered nations.

The NYSSA's Alternative Energy Conference was designed to provide those

attending an opportunity to listen to senior executives from leading

alternative energy companies discuss how they are commercializing alternative

energy sources such as distributed power, solar power, fuel cells,

photovoltaics and wind power. The New York Society of Security Analysts, Inc.

is a not-for-profit educational organization whose twin goals are to inform

and educate investors and to advance the professional competence of investment

professionals including portfolio managers, security analysts, investment

advisors, and others involved in the investment process.

WorldWater Corp. is a full-service water management and solar engineering company specializing in solving water problems through use of solar energy. The Company produces and distributes the proprietary AquaSafe(TM) and AquaMax 2200(TM) solar water pumps, capable of delivering water in volumes from 5 gallons to more than 2000 gallons per minute.

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