Wilo´s “Green” Pump Meets Demands For Greater Energy Efficiency


As environmental issues are thrust into the limelight once again, the energy saving characteristics of Wilo Salmson's Wilo-Stratos largest range of pumps has become even more pertinent. By reducing energy demand by as much as 80%, the world's first glandless circulators, featuring electronic commutated motors (ECMs) with permanent rotors, are able to meet the growing demand for greater energy efficiency.

Wilo´s “Green” Pump Meets Demands For Greater Energy Efficiency

The proven technology behind these energy saving pumps provides outstanding levels of performance by adjusting output to meet changes in system requirements. Incorporating a permanent magnet motor that requires no energy to generate a magnetic field in the rotor, the pumps operate constantly at optimal levels, regardless of demand.

The significance of water and general energy-saving issues received a timely boost with the publication of the latest Water Bill at the start of the year. Putting the customer at the heart of regulation, the new legislation emphasised the importance of safeguarding the environment. Secretary of State Margaret Beckett said: "It is people who matter, whether paying their water bills or enjoying the benefits of clean water through the tap and in the environment, and our policies must strike the right balance in their interests."

The Wilo-Stratos range of high-performance pumps balances a unique combination of motor efficiency and compact design that also helps to reduce C02 emissions. These versatile pumps are ideal for a wide range of industrial, domestic, water waste and sewage applications that demand optimal performance and minimal associated costs.

Gary Wheatley, Technical Manager at Wilo Salmson, noted: "The Wilo-Stratos range has been launched after years of research into motor efficiency, hydraulics and techniques of maximising energy conservation. The growing public and government awareness that surrounds these issues has served to highlight the pertinence of these extremely versatile pumps."

Source: WILO SE

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