Wilo USA Pumps Help Chatham University Eden Hall Achieve Sustainable Living


Chatham University’s, an internationally recognized leader in sustainability, Eden Hall Campus is the first in the world built from the ground up for the study of sustainable living, learning and development and using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation.

Wilo USA Pumps Help Chatham University Eden Hall Achieve Sustainable Living

Eden Hall, designed to accommodate 1,500 students, is self-sustaining in every way by producing zero carbon emissions and more energy than it consumes.

“We congratulate Chatham University and its pioneering efforts, the first in the world from the ground up for the study of sustainability, to minimize energy consumption throughout the campus for their “zero energy” project,” says Matthew Beasley, director of sales for Wilo USA. “We are proud to be a part of this ground breaking endeavor with our adjustable energy-saving Wilo Stratos Class A pumps with EC motors.”

“Pumps often go unnoticed in the pursuit of energy savings, using high-efficiency pumps like Wilo’s can yield energy-savings of 80% or more. Important when you realize pumps can account for 20% or more of a building’s electrical energy usage,” says Beasley.

Wilo Stratos Commercial High-Efficiency Circulators powered by EC motor technology deliver up to 285 USGPM while reducing energy consumption up to 80%. Stratos is the world’s first high-efficiency circulators. Operation is simple: a “red button” controls all essential functions. The Stratos is the first electronically controlled wet-rotor circulator for heating that is also designed to avoid condensate, making it available as part of a cooling water systems for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration.

Picture: Chatham University, Eden Hall Campus, Pittsburgh PA shown. HOOP (dome shaped) greenhouse is serviced by Wilo Stratos energy saving pumps with electronic commutated motors that help maintain soil temperature for year-round plant growth. (Image: Wilo USA)

Source: WILO SE

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