Wilo-Stratos Maxo for HVAC and Drinking Water Applications


The successor to the Wilo-Stratos - the new Wilo-Stratos Maxo for HVAC and drinking water applications in large buildings - sets new energy efficiency standards. Extensive studies and customer interviews at an early stage enabled the manufacturer to develop a pump which is tailor-made to customer requirements.

Wilo-Stratos Maxo for HVAC and Drinking Water Applications

The new Wilo-Stratos Maxo for HVAC and drinking water applications in large buildings. (Image: Wilo)

“Our Stratos Maxo is the world’s first smart-pump*. With its perfectly optimised and innovative energy saving functions like Multi-Flow Adaptation and No-Flow Stop and a very good EEI ≤ 0.19 to ≤ 0.17 (model dependent), the Stratos MAXO also sets new market standards in terms of system energy efficiency”, Wilo Product Manager Michael Dieckmann explains.

Multi-Flow Adaptation is a new energy saving function enabling the feeder pump to adjust its output to the precise demand of the connected consumer circuit pumps. Additional elaborate control functions are very user-friendly and enable energy-efficient operations. For example, the Wilo-Stratos MAXO can automatically adapt its output to the varying system requirements via Dynamic Adapt plus without setting a target value.

Its high degree of connectivity makes the new pump an extremely flexible solution when it comes to integration into a wide range of applications, Dieckmann explains: “The analogue and digital interfaces, which are still an optional feature only available via IF modules for the Stratos, will now come as standard for the Wilo-Stratos Maxo. The latest communication interfaces (Bluetooth) enable it to be used in direct connection to mobile devices while “Wilo Net” offers a new standard interface for connectivity among Wilo products, i.e. to control multiple pumps - features that make our Stratos Maxo one of the best connected pumps on the market.” Additional CIF modules offering a seamless integration into the world of bus systems are available. The pump will be operated and configured via a custom-developed app that can read out the pump data and use it to optimise the system.

Smart technology for comprehensive communication

From integration in building automation to control using the app, Wilo ensures comprehensive communication capability with intelligent and smart technologies – naturally, this also applies to the Wilo-Stratos Maxo. With the help of the most recent version of the Wilo-Assistant app, Wilo delivers the entire world of high-efficiency pump technology directly to smartphones and tablets.

The new design and the intuitive user guidance are even more useful for tradespeople, consultants and operators in their daily work. New functions and connective solutions add to the range of features already offered by the previous Wilo-Assistant. Sites and central operating statuses can be called up and monitored in real time.

But the app also provides support beforehand, e.g. during planning and pump selection, during installation and commissioning and during operation, with its remote control and remote maintenance functions.

Perfect connectivity, easy configuration

The application-guided settings assistant offers intuitive handling and outstanding user-friendliness.

The Green Button is a new feature of the Wilo-Stratos Maxo: “The new Green Button Technology is the successor of our red button and combines the proven handling with new and optimised functions. This creates a whole new level of user-friendliness. It was also important for us to make the installation of the pump a much easier task”, the Product Manager expands. “The new terminal room now has a clearer layout and offers more space.

The optimised Wilo-Connector is wired separately, plugged in and then supplies the pump with electricity. This means that the terminal room no longer has to be opened to carry out the basic installation procedure.” The heat quantity metering function is yet another benefit of the Wilo-Stratos Maxo – it can now switch between heating and cooling mode to enable the separate metering of cooling quantities.

New control modes ensure flexible and perfect adaptation for all applications – the constant target temperature or constant differential temperature functions increase the efficiency of the pump and the overall system even further. The temperature control of the circulator also assists in preventing legionella growth in the drinking water pipes.

The Stratos MAXO-Z is also ideal for specific hygiene requirements as it automatically recognises a thermal disinfection program being carried out and supports the rinsing of pipes by increasing its output to the maximum. The Wilo-Stratos Maxo is available as a single or twin-head pump and as Wilo-Stratos Maxo-Z for drinking water applications.

* Wilo understands a smart-pump as a new category of pumps, which goes far beyond their high-efficiency pumps or pumps with pump intelligence. The combination of the latest sensor technology and innovative control functions (e.g. Dynamic Adapt plus and Multi-Flow Adaptation), bidirectional connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth, integrated analogue inputs, binary inputs and outputs, Wilo Net interface), software updates and excellent usability (e.g. thanks to the Setup Guide, the preview principle for predictive navigation and the tried and tested Green Button Technology) make this pump a true smart-pump.

Source: WILO SE

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