Wilo Salmson Components has introduced an innovative new product that will cut the cost of manufacturing or upgrading combi-boiler and district heating stations. Called Hydrobloc, the new product is essentially a fully integrated assembly that replaces a number of otherwise separate core components, including the pump, heat exchanger, valve units, sensors and all appropriate connections.

Bob Simcox, UK OEM Manager of Wilo Salmson Components, explains that, “We have always supplied pumps for use in or with a wide range of boiler systems and have considerable experience in this area. After talking to various boiler manufacturers we identified a need for an integrated assembly that manufacturers could simply install and connect as part of their normal build procedures. Hydrobloc is the result of this process and will help both to reduce the production cost and time of combi-boilers and district heating stations; in addition, by providing a single assembly it gives manufacturers the opportunity to minimise their stock holdings and, in the event of a problem occurring, to have to deal with just one supplier.”

Hydrobloc uses Wilo Salmson’s proven HU15 pump system, which can be supplied as a single, twin or three speed model. A plate heat exchanger, protected by a fine mesh filter, is then incorporated and acts as the secondary heat exchanger in a normal combi-boiler or district heating station. The direction of water flow is controlled by a motor driven three way valve, with a sequence of temperature, flow and pressure sensors being used to monitor the overall operating condition of the system. Standard fittings can be provided to connect each Hydrobloc unit to the external sanitary and return heating circuits.

Hydrobloc can also incorporate a separate security valve, designed to open if the pressure in the heating water return increases to more than 3 bar. Other safety features include a water heating flow control to detect a fall in the volume of water in the heating circuit, with the gas supply automatically being shut off if there is a pressure drop of more that 0.14 bar between the inlet and outlet sides of the pump.

The overall design and construction makes each Hydrobloc unit both compact and lightweight; a fact that Bob Simcox believes will, “Help boiler manufacturers produce even smaller, more space efficient systems than is currently the case”.

All Hydrobloc units are fully tested, both electrically and mechanically, during and after manufacture.

Wilo Salmson Components and Wilo Salmson Pumps are both part of the German based Wilo Salmson AG group.

For further information, please contact Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager, Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ. Tel. 01283 523000, Fax. 01283 523099. Email. sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the

Source: WILO SE

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