Wilo Salmson Launches New Sealed System Pressurisation Units


A new range of pressurisation units have been launched by Wilo Salmson that are designed to protect sealed heating and cooling systems by maintaining a predetermined pressure.


The new Wilo-Press range comprises three versions - Economy, Comfort and Micro -with each model being enclosed in a pressed steel cabinet both to ensure that the controls are secure and to provide additional noise insulation when the pumps are in operation. Additionally, each version is available with single or twin pumps - in the event a duty standby is required - and features a break tank filter to prevent any debris entering the pump, which can result in premature failure.

Simple to install and use, the new pressurisation systems can be supplied with the required expansion tanks as well as fill loops for initial filling of the system prior to commissioning.

Wilo-Press Economy and Comfort

In particular, the Wilo-Press Economy unit offers a compact and simple pressurisation system, which is suitable for a wide range of sealed system pressurisation applications. The second version within the range is the Wilo-Press Comfort, which is a fully featured system that uses traditional mechanical electrical controls and offers comprehensive levels of functionality. The system incorporates alarm lamps for low water, pump trip plus high and low pressure. When supplied as a twin pump set, the system also provides automatic change-over to the standby pump in the event of lead pump failure.

Wilo-Press Micro

Finally, the Wilo-Press Micro is a micro processor controlled unit that offers exceptional levels of functionality. The system incorporates many of the features associated with the other models within the range, but also includes programmable logic to ensure that filling of the system using the pressurisation unit is prevented, thus eliminating premature pump failure. Additionally, the system incorporates various functions such as an LCD display and an internally mounted pressure transducer to measure the pressure within the unit.

Gary Wheatley, Technical Manager at Wilo-Salmson explains, "The new Wilo-Press range is the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of pump solutions. With 3 models available for selection, it means that we have a product to match the specific requirements of any sealed heating or cooling system."

Source: WILO SE

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