Wilo Salmson Deliver World’s First Glandless Circulator


Utilising revolutionary technology to deliver the world's first glandless circulator featuring an Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM) with permanent magnet rotor, Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd has launched the Wilo-Stratos range of environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency pumps for heating and cooling; designed to reduce energy demand by as much as 80%!

This new generation of energy-saving pumps is easy to install, maintenance-free and practically silent, while providing enormous savings on both primary energy costs and operating costs that cannot be realised with 'traditional' circulator pump technology.

The outstanding levels of efficiency demonstrated by the Wilo-Stratos range are attained by the pump adjusting its own performance in direct response to system demand, enabling the pump to operate within an optimised performance range. Energy consumption in the pump is further reduced with the use of a permanent magnet motor that does not require energy to generate a magnetic field in the rotor.

In addition to improved motor efficiency in the full and part load range, improved hydraulic efficiency, reduced size and weight, the design of the pump also facilitates easy specification - installers must simply ensure that maximum system demand falls within the maximum capacity of the pump.

The new Wilo-Stratos range is ideal for climate protection requirements in a wide range of applications throughout the commercial building services sector including industrial, domestic, water waste and sewage.

Mr Gary Wheatley, Technical Manager at Wilo Salmson said: "The launch of the Wilo-Stratos range follows years of research and development into how motor efficiency, hydraulics and energy saving can be improved without incurring the high manufacturing costs that many pump manufacturers pass on to their customers.

"With the Wilo-Stratos range we have achieved all of our objectives to deliver a pump that ensures these benefits are passed on to our customers in a cost-effective way."

The Wilo-Stratos is the twelfth Wilo product to be added to the official Enhanced Captial Allowance product list and is demonstration of its continuing commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

For further information, please contact Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager, Wilo Salmson Pumps Ltd, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ. Tel. 01283 523000, Fax. 01283 523099. Email. sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the Wilo Salmson web site at : www.wilo.co.uk

Source: WILO SE

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