WILO pumps new life into the glanded market with high efficiency range


WILO has introduced a new range of single and double-headed glanded pumps specifically designed to provide high levels of operating efficiency along with low operating costs. The new Wilo-BL, DL and IL pumps feature force-protected, bi-directional mechanical seals, IEC-standard motors and IP55 ratings for humid environments.

Suitable for handling hot and cold water in heating systems or mechanical

services applications, the new glanded pumps are extremely versatile, as

well as being tough, durable and efficient. With a cast-iron pump body,

impeller and lantern, the BL, DL and IL pumps are equally suited for water

supply and irrigation requirements, condenser water systems and a host of

other water-based pumping duties.

The new pumps have been specially constructed to exceed typical pump

performance expectations. For instance, the new range features

maintenance-free, bi-directional mechanical seals, suitable for handling

clean water at temperatures up to 1400C and for water/glycol mixtures to a

minimum temperature of -100C.

The new single-stage, low-pressure centrifugal pumps utilise a standard

totally enclosed, fan-ventilated, IEC standard electric motor - with

worldwide availability - and a pump body constructed for working up to a

maximum pressure of 16 bar. These features ensure a long, hassle-free

working life, with minimum maintenance requirements.

Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager at WILO, explained the rationale behind the

design of the new pumps. "We've combined robust, cast-iron housings with an

efficient centrifugal design and IEC motor. The result is a series of

cost-effective pumps that offer lower operating costs and reliable fluid

transfer under a broad range of operating conditions. With many of our

customers focussing on life cycle costs we know that the increased

efficiency that this new range offers will enhance still further our green


The Wilo-BL end-suction pump meets EN 733 and features a cast-iron volute

with end-suction and radial discharge ports. Both the Wilo-IL and Wilo-DL

are of in-line design with the Wilo-DL featuring a flap valve to prevent

re-circulation within the pump housing.

Source: WILO SE

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