Wilo Inspires Quiet Confidence at New Library Opening


The North Swindon Library development is typical of the projects managed by Lorne Stewart, one of the UK's leading building services provider.

As principle contractor, Lorne Stewart was responsible for the successful completion of the project and, more importantly, the specification of building services equipment that would provide maintenance-free operation.

For John Wareham, Design Estimating Manager at Lorne Stewart's Bristol office, this meant selecting efficient and reliable pumps that would meet the criteria of the £1 million project. "We had to be confident that we were selecting top-quality pumps that would give the client a 20-year life cycle and, if anything went wrong, were supplied by a firm that would put it right. Because we had dealt with Wilo in the past, we knew its pumps would perform. We had confidence in the products and the support services."

In fact, John has been opting for Wilo products for over 10 years. He says in this instance, Wilo's glandless pumps matched the low-maintenance criteria of the Swindon Borough Council library development and, as importantly, were available at the right price. Subsequently, John had no qualms about placing an order for two Wilo-TOP-ED twin-headed energy-saving pumps, two Wilo-TOP-SD flange-ended circulating pumps and a number of Wilo pressurisation units.

"Wilo's pumps are easy to maintain and reliable, so there shouldn't be any breakdowns and should provide at least a 20-year life cycle This is important because if we install equipment that is trouble-free, our clients will consider us for future projects."

The North Swindon Library project, which consists of office facilities, a library and a youth centre, took over a year to complete and relies on Wilo's efficient pumps to circulate hot water around the Library's radiators and floor-trench and ceiling-panel heating devices. The new library, the first to be opened in Swindon for 20 years, utilizes pressurisation units to control the central heating system and to boost the pressure on the cold-water circuit.

John says Wilo's extensive range of pumps and excellent customer service ensures the Staffordshire-based firm is usually short-listed when Lorne Stewart pitches for new projects. "Wilo's pump range is very good. Because they make a number of pumps, we can usually find one that suits our system. This, along with the level of service we receive, usually means Wilo is the first pump manufacturer we contact."

He continues: "We find them very helpful. You pick up the phone and they act on your request immediately, which helps us get our bids in on time. I would say Wilo are considered for our contracts simply because of the excellent level of service we receive."

Source: WILO SE

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