Wilo AG Merges its Three Plant Manufacturers


The Wilo AG in Dortmund, Germany, has decided to retroactively merge its three domestic plant manufacturers. EMU Wasser- und Abwassertechnik GmbH in Roth, EMU Anlagenbau GmbH in Hof sowie die EMU Anlagentechnik Nord GmbH, Hamburg, with its branch in Woldegk, are now joined to EMU Anlagenbau GmbH.

All current locations will continue to operate and headquarters are in Roth, Germany. General Managers will be Günther Bitzenbauer, who served as General Manager of EMU Wasser- und Abwassertechnik GmbH in Roth, and Otto Northe, General Manager of finances, personnel and IT of Wilo AG.

Mr. Bitzenbauer stated that this merger enables them to offer their customers custom made solutions – from water supply to wastewater treatment plants of any size – all handled by one company. They offer consulting services, carry out the manufacturing and we even install the entire plant. The company has to offer a broad know-how as well as many years of experience in all its divisions. The experts for water supply are in the city of Hof. The ones for machine equipment, fittings and electro mechanical equipment for sewage treatment plants and wastewater pump stations have their seat in Roth. And the Hamburg location focuses on solutions for wastewater disposal for residential homes, companies or farms. The EMU Anlagenbau GmbH employs 57 people.

Source: WILO SE

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