Weir Floway Secures Chinese Offshore Oil Contract


Clear Liquid Division's, Weir Floway, has secured a contract with the China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) to supply fire pumps worth over $2million for the company's Chunxiao Gas Field Complex.

Weir Floway's proven ability to manufacture nickel aluminum bronze fire pumps to NFPA 20 standards for offshore applications made them the ideal supplier for the CNOOC. Weir Floway, located in Fresno, California, was able to secure this contract through joint efforts and consultation with the Weir offices in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

The Chunxiao Gas Field complex is located on the continental shelf of the East China Sea, approximately 450 kilometers south east of Shanghai. Standing in 100ft of water, the Chunxiao complex, currently under construction, will be composed of one central processing platform, and three production platforms.

Phase one of the contract will supply the central platform with two diesel driven and two electric driven fire pumps. Phase two will follow in about two years and will supply the three production platforms with four electric driven fire pumps. All of the pumps will be constructed out of ASTM B148 Nickel Aluminum Bronze.

The two diesel driven pumps will be model four stage 19FKH vertical turbines, and have 943 m3/h capacity at 110 m TDH at 1460 RPM. The six electric driven pumps will be model four stage 18MKH vertical turbines, and have 622 m3/h capacity at 110.9 m TDH at 1460 RPM.

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