WEDECO Wins Major Contract in the USA


WEDECO AG Water Technology has obtained a significant major contract for its TAK55 system through its North American subsidiary WEDECO UV Technologies, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As announced by the Chairman of the WEDECO AG Management Board, Mr Werner Klink, the order had been placed by the Northern Water Reclamation Facility (NWRF) and comprises two separate UV disinfection systems incl. electronic control. The engineering companies, Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) and Brown & Cadlwell, were charged with the planning and ultimately the choice of the possible UV provider. Klink estimated the order to be worth approximately USD 1.3 million.

The Colorado Springs waste water treatment plant processes the waste water of the people living in the region. The UV disinfection of the waste water takes place before the water is discharged into the Monument Creek river. The second TAK system is also used for traditional waste water disinfection at the beginning of operation. However, it is to be gradually developed over time to a much higher level of disinfection performance, allowing reuse of the processed waste water.

A far higher disinfection performance is expected from such UV systems than from UV systems which are used for traditional waste water disinfection. Therefore, in accordance with the strict "Title 22" requirements, the disinfected waste water may contain only 2.2 totally coliform germs per 100 millilitres. Approximately 126 coliform units are admissible in traditional waste water disinfection.

According to Klink, the three existent UV lamp systems were tested very intensively by the NWRF when awarding the contract: low pressure low intensity (LPLI), low pressure high intensity (LPHI) and medium pressure (MP) systems. The test criteria were: annual operating costs, total costs, reliability, investment costs, energy consumption for the use of UV systems for disinfection of waste water for subsequent reuse. With energy costs reduced by up to a factor of 3 when compared with medium pressure systems, as well as greater reliability, a clear decision was made in favour of WEDECO.


WEDECO AG, which is based in Dusseldorf, Germany, is the leading manufacturer of chemical-free water disinfection and water oxidation systems worldwide. Ultraviolet light and ozone are both used. More than 200,000 systems replace over 160,000 tons of chlorine every year and thus make an important contribution towards environmental and health protection. The company is listed on the TecDAX segment of the German Stock Exchanges and has production sites in Germany, the USA, Italy, France and Korea. Approximately 800 persons are employed by WEDECO in 17 countries on all continents.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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