Water for Algeria


Middle of this year, Belgian subsidiary KSB Belgium SA/NV received an order for equipping a new pumping station for the Athmania project with ten large water pumps.

Water for Algeria

RDLO pumps of the kind KSB expects to supply to Athmania, Algeria, in the summer of 2014. (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany)

The pumps type RDLO 700-980 A are to be driven by a 1,810-kW electric motor each. Running at full load, each of the ten pump sets will be delivering 2,025 litres of water per second at a head of 75 metres. To rule out the risk of corrosion, all impellers will be made of stainless steel. The pump casings are made of nodular cast iron. Each of the ten units will weigh around nine tonnes.

The customer is the Algerian National Agency for Dams and Water Transfer (ANBT). The construction project will serve the water transfer from the dam at Athmania to the intermediate stations of Oued Seguin and Ain Kercha. From there, the water will be conveyed to the more water-deficient dams of Koudiat-Medouar and Ourkiss. It will be used to secure the drinking water supply of the local population and for irrigation in agriculture.

The reason for the Belgian KSB subsidiary winning this order is the fact that it has been successful in the planning and hydraulic design of pumping stations for over 37 years. In Algeria, it has equipped 300 pumping stations to date. The pumps are expected to be ready for delivery in the summer of next year.

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