Water Focus Africa scheduled for Gallagher Estates, Gauteng June 2005


The African Water Association (AfWA) in collaboration with Exhibition Management Services (EMS) have completed arrangements to stage Water Focus Africa alongside the 4th edition of EMS’s highly successful Pumps Valves and Pipes Exhibition (PVPA).

AfWA which until February this year was known as the African Union of Water Suppliers has a membership of over 100 water utilities in 35 countries as well as dozens of affiliate members who are suppliers to the industry.

The name change was effected to reflect the member’s determination to put into effect the speedy delivery of water related initiatives being introduced to Africa under planned NEPAD programmes.

W.F.A. 2005, an exhibition which will showcase appropriate products and technology for a continent committed to upgrading infrastructure and service delivery is also being backed by a “Water Services Convention”.

Sylvain Usher Secretary General of AfWA says “This is an important event that our members will not only attend but should play a leading role in the staging of a convention that reflects the future direction of our industry on this continent. Already confirmed in this regard is Algerienne Des Eaux the Algiers based Water Company.”

“This collaboration with AfWA will allow our PVPA Exhibitors with products appropriate for this market to meet genuine international visitors as well as getting “two bites at the cherry” with no additional financial or human resource implications of yet another exhibition; said Serean Thomson, Exhibition Manager. She went on to add “ Gallagher Estates is definitely the preferred venue by visitors to these industry shows and the cost structure is such that we can deliver three genuine international events at effectively the same selling price as any rival stand alone Exhibition.”

The 2003 edition of PVPA was backed, endorsed and supported by:

  • South African Bureau of Standards
  • The Association of Steel Tube & Pipe Manufactures of South Africa
  • South African Pump Manufactures’ Association
  • Valve Manufactures of South Africa
  • The South African Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • The South African Association of Consulting Engineers
  • he Institute of Municipal Engineering of South Africa
  • The South African Capital Equipment Export Council
  • Steel Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa

Thomson is confident that with AfWA collaboration the number of professional bodies supporting the 2005 trilogy (which incidentally takes place from June 8-10 2005) will increase considerably.

For more information contact Serean Thomson at:

Tel: +27 11 783 7250

Fax: +27 11 783 7269


Source: dmg events

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