Wasser Berlin International Features New Symposiums on Ozone and Membrane Technology


From 28 to 31 March Berlin Wasser Berlin International 2017 will be the gathering place of the international water industry in Berlin. Exhibitors and trade visitors value the trade fair and accompanying congress as a venue for showcasing new products, a communication platform and a forum for exchanging information.

The supporting programme will provide audiences with the latest information on current topics such as managing drinking water supplies, sustainability and wastewater management. Taking place for the first time this year will be the International Ozone Symposium and the Membrane Technology Forum.

International Ozone Symposium on 29 March

”Ozone plays an important part in water and wastewater treatment processes due to its wide range of uses. Besides disinfecting water and wastewater, ozone can also be used to eliminate unwanted trace elements in wastewater. Wasser Berlin International is just the right trade fair for focusing on these advantages“, said the organiser Dr. Achim Ried, chief engineer, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Xylem Services GmbH.

On 29 March the International Ozone Conference will address this topic at the Marshall-Haus on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The conference is being organised by the International Ozone Association. Experts will present advances in ozone technology and related oxidation methods.

Among the topics discussed will be the use of oxidation technology in advanced drinking water treatment processes and new concepts for recycling wastewater. Another key topic will be the removal of microscopic pollutants such as pesticides and traces of medical drugs.

The lectures will also undertake global comparisons between Germany, the European Union, the USA, Canada and Australia.

DGMT Forum on 30 March

Microplastics, trace elements and antimicrobial resistance – experts in scientific research and pilot projects around the world are working to assess the risks and on how to eliminate the traces and microbes in question. The aim is always to protect the aquatic environment and to focus on the possible effects on basic conditions for human life.

How relevant is the use of different forms of membrane technology and their barrier effect for the development of wastewater treatment processes? Answers to this question will be sought on 30 March at the meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Membrantechnik (DGMT e.V.) in the Stuttgart Room in Hall 1.2.

”At WBI 2017 at the DGMT Forum speakers will present their reports on the risk potential, current measures and practical experiences. Afterwards, we look forward to a lively discussion with participation by the audience“, said Prof. Winfried Schmidt of the management of DGMT.

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