United Nations World Water Day Focused on Nature-Based Solutions to Solve Water Challenges


Pentair commemorated World Water Day 2018 through its philanthropic work in Kenya with The Nature Conservancy s Upper Tana-Nairobi Water Fund. World Water Day is an international observance created by the United Nations to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for sustainable freshwater resources.

The Upper Tana-Nairobi Water Fund promotes the use of sustainable agricultural practices using natural systems to manage lands upstream that filter and regulate the water supply of the Tana River to Nairobi, Kenya s capital city. The river provides more than 95 percent of the water for Nairobi s citizens, and hydroelectric plants on its banks generate 50 percent of Kenya s power.

Kenyans rely on the more than 300,000 farms producing food and crops upstream on the Tana River, but unsustainable farming practices and heavy topsoil runoff compromise the waterway. Pentair is committed to overcoming these challenges by promoting carefully planned upstream conservation efforts, which are projected to stabilize these soils, rehabilitate groundwater recharge areas and increase efficiency in agricultural water applications. These changes will measurably improve freshwater delivery to Nairobi s citizens.

"Both as a company and community partner, we remain committed to protecting Nairobi s water source through conservation strategies and promoting natural, effective agricultural practices in partnership with Kenyan residents and The Nature Conservancy," said Phil Rolchigo, chief technology officer, Pentair. "We re proud to be an ongoing partner and the work and investment fuels the very purpose our company carries forward every day: the health of our global community depends on reliable access to clean water. Through our proprietary technology, our employees expertise and passion, dedicated corporate resources and a legacy financial commitment, we are putting our purpose into practice for millions today as well as future generations."

Pentair serves as a founding supporter of The Nature Conservancy s Upper Tana-Nairobi Water Fund, a public-private initiative and a first-of-its-kind partnership in Africa. The partnership also includes a comprehensive research effort to determine the next generation of resources necessary to improve Kenya s infrastructure. This research will help to protect the river water Kenya s people rely on to sustain their lives and their livelihood.

Source: Pentair plc.

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